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Nouvelles Vagues

See you from June 18 to 23, 2024

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2023 Guests

(C) Marie Rouge
Penélope Cruz

(C) Marie Rouge
Cédric Klapisch

Zar Amir Ebrahimi

(c) Marie Rouge
Anne-Sophie Bion

(c) Bojana Tatarska
Jean-Benoît Dunckel

Tina Satter

Éric Toledano et Olivier Nakache

(C) Marie Rouge
Andrew Durham

(c) odieuxboby

(C) Marie Rouge
Paolo Luka Noé

(C) Marie Rouge
Molly Manning Walker

(c) Odieuxboby
Eye Haidara

(C) Marie Rouge
Carolina Cavailli

(C) Marie Rouge
Galatea Bellugi

(c) odieuxboby
Anna Castillo

(c) odieuxboby
Ramata Toulaye Sy

Jonathan Cohen, Mathieu Amalric, Eric Tolédano, Olivier Nakache

(c) odieuxboby
Ella Rumpf

(c) odieuxboby
Anna Novion

Chandler Levack

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The 2023 Jury

(c) Marie Rouge
Saeed Roustaee

(C) Marie Rouge
Camila Morrone

(c) Marie Rouge
Dali Benssalah

(c) Marie Rouge
Francesca Scorsese

(c) Marie Rouge
Noah Centineo

Lyna Khoudri

(c) Marie Rouge
Léo Walk

Aïcha Ndiaye

Adrio Guarino

Student in La Fémis - Paris

Andrew Yoonbeom Kim

Student in Kafa - Seoul

Gabrielle Vines

Student at Purchase University - New York

Hugo Serano

Student at Audiovisual BTS school - Biarritz

Aiyoub Bounouadar

Adrien Cerezo

Lena Garrido

Milia Gylphé

Eva Lagardère

Jonatnon Landu

Lucie Macé

Léo Riehl

Constance Roche

Dora Seknadji

Nicolas Sezibera

Jean Thomas

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The festival's Team

Jérôme Pulis, President ~ Sandrine Brauer, Executive Director ~ Lili Hinstin, Programming Director
The Biarritz Nouvelles Vagues’ slate of films intend to break down dominant positions and pay attention to what drives the next generation. It welcomes established directors that have gone down in film history just as it bets on its future through the promotion of next gen talents.
Lili Hinstin, Programming Director
Shining a light on young people so that they enlighten us, too, is what Nouvelles Vagues is all about – a cheerful, fiery event for a unique cinematic experience.
Sandrine Brauer, Executive Director
My connection with creation goes hand in hand with my roots that go deep in my hometown, Biarritz, and the Basque Country. A genuine hub of artists, the city has a history of being cosmopolitan and open to the world.
Jérôme Pulis, President

Festival Board

  • Jérôme Pulis, Founder & President
  • Guillaume Pépy, Secretary General
  • François-Xavier Menou, Treasurer
  • Ana Girardot
  • Elisha Karmitz
  • Anne-Florence Schmitt
  • Rosalie Varda

Members of the Board of Directors

  • Audrey Azoulay
  • Carole Bienaimé Besse
  • Claire Borotra
  • Rachida Brakni
  • Lorenzo Chammah
  • Grégoire Chertok
  • Lee-Ann Curren
  • Patricia Goldman
  • Elsa Heizmann
  • Solène Léger
  • Benoit Ponsaillé
  • Elisabeth Tanner

Le comité de sélection

Eduardo Carretié, selection committee member | Lili Hinstin, Programming director | Emmanuel Mayemba, selection committee member
I am thrilled to welcome the brand-new Biarritz International Film Festival that is in line with my own commitment to young people and Biarritz residents. Welcoming Nouvelles Vagues is about embracing the possibilities opening up to us and supporting the film industry as we always have.
Maider Arosteguy, Mayor of Biarritz

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