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Biarritz Film Festival - NOUVELLES VAGUES carries out image education activities throughout the year to support and facilitate the emergence of new imaginations, specific to the younger generation. The Festival and its image education team offer a space for learning and transmission for local, associative, school and rural audiences.

At the heart of its cultural activities and as an extension of the Festival, the NOUVELLES VAGUES team aims to be a driving force behind proposals, broadening the spectrum of known and identified cinephile audiences through four axes: awakening cinephilia, practice, debate and the emergence of vocations

In addition to initiatives aimed at schools and students, special attention is paid to out-of-touch audiences, disadvantaged neighborhoods and young people dropping out of school.

A variety of actions are proposed, including film-making workshops, screenings and debates, and professional meetings, and have been carried out with various structures: the Biarritz audiovisual BTS, La Mission locale du Pays basque, la Maison d'enfants St Vincent de Paul, le Centre social et culturel Maria Pia, l'association la Source-Garouste.  

The aim of this socio-educational and cultural program is to promote cinephilia and access to cinematographic works, encourage people to speak out, and foster professional encounters to encourage vocations, while strengthening links with local associations and local cinemas.