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Nouvelles Vagues

Practical information


The ticket office is now open ! Find all the information below and get your pass online

Individual tickets and reservations for pass holders will be available from Friday June 7, both online and at Cinéma Le Royal. 


No duplicates will be issued.

Pass 5 tickets: €30 (€6/ticket ; 2 tickets/screening)
Pass 10 tickets: €55 (€5,50/ticket ; 3 tickets/screening)
Pass 15 tickets: €75 (€5,50/ticket ; 4 tickets/screening)
Pass culture 4 tickets: €18 (€4,50/ticket ; 2 tickets/screening)
Pass culture 8 tickets: €32 (€4/ticket ; 3 tickets/screening)
Pass culture 12 tickets: €42 (€3,50/ticket ; 4 tickets/screening)

Warning: to ensure that admission to the theater runs smoothly, please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of the screening. After this time, your place will no longer be guaranteed.

We advise you to book in advance.

Single tickets - pricing

Single tickets are issued for a specific screening. 

Day, standard prices: €7
Day, reduced prices: €5*
Gala, standard prices: €12
Gala, reduced prices: €7*
Youth prices (-25 years old), all sessions: €5*
* On presentation of valid proof, either at the box office if you are buying a physical ticket, or at the entrance of the venue if you are buying an electronic ticket: Under 25 years old / Jobseekers (under 3 months) / Recipients of minimum social benefits (under 3 months) / Non-taxpayers (last tax form) / Disabled people.

Payment methods

Payment accepted online: credit card

Payment methods accepted at ticket offices: credit card, Cash, pass Culture (only for pass purchases on the website)

Practical information

You can buy your passes and tickets for specific screenings online on our ticketing site.
We advise you to book your tickets in advance.

For single tickets: 

Purchase on site at our ticket offices or online up to the time of the screening (subject to availability).

For pass holders: 

Bookings to be made online via your personal space or at our ticket offices, until the screening day (subject to availability).

Please note: to ensure that tickets are received correctly, please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of the screening.
After this time, your seat will no longer be guaranteed.