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Practical Information


Our accreditations are reserved for film professionals and members of the press only (theater manager, distributor, producer, festival, institution, etc). 

The 'cinema professional' accreditation, priced at €50 incl. VAT, gives you access to 20 daytime and evening screenings, to be reserved via our online ticketing service, as well as to all other festival events.

The 'press' accreditation gives you free access to daytime and evening screenings, subject to availability, and to all other festival events.


Accreditations are open!

How can I request an accreditation?

To get your accreditation to the festival you first need to set up your personal account and create your profile on our platform. Please fill out all mandatory fields. Uploading your picture is the last step to complete your profile. You will then be able to select the accreditation best suited to your profile: film professional or member of the press. Once your request has been sent we will get back to you shortly to let you know if it has been accepted or not.

Nota bene:
Each application for accreditation is subject to approval by the departments concerned: making an application does not guarantee accreditation.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Accreditations are strictly personal.

All accredited persons undertake to comply scrupulously with the general conditions of access to the event.