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Nouvelles Vagues
Nouvelles Vagues

2023 Edition


Talk with Penélope Cruz 

Meet actress and producer Penélope Cruz. Go behind the scenes of her latest film À contretemps, directed by Juan Diego Botto, in which she plays the lead role and also produces. Explore her creative process, her inspirations and her unique journey through a captivating and inspiring discussion, moderated by film critic Guillemette Odicino. Translation by Massoumeh Lahidji.

Talk with Elisabeth Tanner

Introducing one of French cinema's most emblematic agents. Elisabeth Tanner shares her knowledge and invaluable experience of the film industry. This exchange offers a unique insight into the agent's profession. Discussion moderated by Ciné+ and Canal+ editor-in-chief Pierre Zéni.

Talk with Sofiane Zermani

Come and meet Sofiane Zermani, a complete artist in his own right. Between music, cinema and theater, Sofiane Zermani wears many hats and shares his techniques, inspirations and advice for success in the entertainment industry. Hosted by actress, producer and festival co-founder Ana Girardot.

Duo Workshop - Distribution & Exhibition

How do films get into cinemas, and how do they connect with audiences? Two professionals, Thierry Lacaze (StudioCanal's director of theatrical distribution) and Élise Mignot (director and programmer of the Café des images in Hérouville-saint-Clair) present the steps involved in distributing films, and reveal the keys to their professions. This workshop is moderated by Julien Marcel, General Manager of AlloCiné and Boxoffice.

Atelier Duo - Directing & Producing

How does the producer-director tandem work? Jeanne Herry (Pupille, Je verrai toujours vos visages) and Hugo Selignac (Gilles Lellouche's Le grand bain, Cédric Jimenez's Bac Nord) take a behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration that is so essential to filmmaking. Illustrated by excerpts from the film Je verrai toujours vos visages, this workshop offers a glimpse into the creative process, from conception to realization on the big screen. Moderated by Pierre Zéni, editor-in-chief at Ciné+ and Canal+.

Meeting on Creation & Artificial intelligence

Anna Apter (director), Alexandre Dayon (tech entrepreneur and Chairman of Salesforce), Carole Bienaimé Besse (producer, essayist and former member of Arcom), and Elisha Karmitz (General Manager of the Mk2 group), discuss the democratization of artificial intelligence. The explosive arrival of text and images generated by Midjourney and Chatgpt is impacting all practices and challenging the perception of creation. Discussion moderated by François-Pier Pelinard-Lambert, editor-in-chief of Film Français.

Duo Workshop - Directing & Editing

In this meeting, director Cédric Klapisch (Le péril jeune, L'auberge espagnole) and editor Anne-Sophie Bion (Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist, Ce qui nous lie) discuss the tandem they form, and how it manifests itself in a film. The discussion was moderated by Ciné+ and Canal+ editor-in-chief Pierre Zéni.